My name is Ryan and I am a commercial photographer based just outside Oxford in the beautiful town of Woodstock. Architog is an alias I have chosen in order to isolate the architectural and interiors photography from the rest of my commercial portfolio. 
The fascination with architectural designs is common and definitely one we share. As an architectural photographer, I am intrigued by designer's ability to balance artistic beauty with practicality.
As part of my commercial photography business, I started photographing buildings in 2014 for local developer Kingerlee. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being emmersed in another artists creation, capturing the work of the craftsmen who put it all together. 
Now am working with a variety of companies to showcase their work. Architects, developers, joiners, interior designers, door makers, kitchen builders, floor fitters, landscape gardeners and the hospitality industry.
My responsibility is to choose the angle that best represents what the designer wants the viewer to see and then to apply the best lighting techniques and post processing to really show the space at its best. 

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